Foreo Luna 2 Review


My skin type – Combination Skin

Concerns – Acne, Blemishes 

When people say “This stuff is good for acne”, I used to be so mad to try it because my skin was so irritated and I had too many acne and blemishes. I would literally just keep everything and anything on my face and no results. So disappointed, I wanted to start from the basic and first step which was cleansing. 

Most of us take cleansing for granted but it is the basic step for skin care. Recently, I came across Foreo Luna 2. Well, I tried almost everything and wanted to try it. So I went ahead and purchased it (luckily, it was on discount). I used it for 10 days and 💥, I didn’t get any new breakouts and my skin became visibly smooth. I use it daily in the night time without a fail and it really changed my skin. You always need a good canvas for your makeup and if you can afford, go ahead and get this product. You have to be consistent with its usage. It has very soft bristles and they are of different length which is suitable for your different areas of face cleansing. Taking care of it is also very easy, you just have to wash it with a makeup brush cleaner or a baby shampoo right after your cleansing. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot for cleaning the Foreo Luna 2. Tap it dry with a fresh cloth.


  • Don’t have to buy any additional brush heads.
  • Anti-bacterial brush head.
  • Comes with a pouch.
  • It has Anti-Aging Mode as well.
  • Have different varieties for each skin type.
  • It has a pause option to let you know how much time you have spent cleansing.
  • Availability of adjustable pulsations.
  • One charging is enough for a really long time.
  • Convenient to travel with.


  • Little pricey but hey, my skin is going to be with me lifetime.

I am not saying this product is compulsory but it’s my review regarding it.

Whatever you are using, be sure to take time and cleanse you are skin properly. Try cleansing your skin for 60 seconds and let me know if you see any changes.

Hope, my review is helpful. Any doubts regarding Foreo Luna 2, feel free to ask and I would love to help.

No matter what, everyone is beautiful. Just try to embrace your beauty and self care is the best love you can give yourself.

Feel Beautiful and you will stay beautiful.

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